Lipsi, Nisyros, Halki, Tilos, Leros and Agathonissi are islands that belong to the Dodecanese complex as well as destinations you should visit at least once in your life and get acquainted to a different, serene way of life. There are frequent routes connect these island to Rodos, Kos and Kalymnos.


Samos and Ikaria connect to Fourni twice a week. If you are looking for an itinerary that will take you to the island maybe you need to consider combining routes between these destinations. You should also consider spending your vacation on a combination of these destinations.


All you need to do in order to reach the southernmost point of Europe is to board one of the ships departing from Paleohora or Sfakia in Chania, travelling to Gavdos. Book your tickets to Chania and continue from there.


Are you planning a trip to one of the "small" heavens-on-earth that belong to the Cyclades? Bear in mind that Naxos connects to Koufonisia, Irakleia, Donoussa and Schinoussa, six times a week


Symi is a simple, honestly hospitable little treasure hidden in the Dodecanese. If your are seeking for the most convenient way to reach it and spend your vacation you should known that there are daily routes connecting it to Rodos.


In case you are looking for a route that will get you to the relaxed routing of Thirassia then you should plan your trip bearing in mind that there are daily connections to Santorini. Until 3600 years ago they were part of the same island which was separated by a volcanic explosion and they are facing each other ever since.