1. How many passenger and vehicle tickets can be included in one reservation?

    You can issue as many as 8 passenger tickets and 3 vehicle tickets with each reservation.
  2. What are the age categories for passengers?

    Most ferry companies have discounts on children’s and infants’ fares. Age categories for passengers are:
    • Infants; up to 5 years old.
    • Children; up to 10 years old.
    • Adults; older than 10 year old.
  3. Is it cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket than two single tickets?

    In most cases, it is cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket than two single tickets. This is not the case for tickets for the Cyclades, Ionian islands and Sporades islands, where there is no difference at fares.
  4. Is there an electronic version (e-ticket) for ferry tickets?

    Ferry lines do not issue e-tickets yet. You will need your paper ferry-ticket in order to embark.
  5. How can I collect my ticket?

    Depending on the time available until the departure of your itinerary, our system automatically suggests your options among the following:
    • Courier service;
    • Collection from your port of departure;
    • Collection from our office.
  6. How can I purchase my ticket?

    You can chose among the following options of purchase:
    • Credit Card (Visa/ Mastercard/ AmEx)
    • Paypal
    • Bank transfer (if ticket reservation is available)
    • Cash (at our office, if ticket reservation is available)
  7. At what time should I arrive at the port when travelling by boat?

    Embarkation starts 2 hours prior to departure. We suggest that you arrive at the port at least 1 hour (for domestic lines) or 2 hours (for international lines) prior to time of departure.
  8. If my name is misspelled on the ticket, will I still be able to travel?

    Authorities are not too strict with name misspelling and it is unlikely to have a problem with embarkation. In any case, make sure you carry all necessary documentation, i.e passport, identity card or driving license, to certify your identity during control upon embarkation.
  9. Can I buy a ticket by credit card on a different name than the holder’s?

    In case the credit card’s holder is not a passenger, you need to fax to (+30) 210 4176973 or mail to customerservice@letsferry.gr a copy of the credit card holder’s identity card or passport with his/her signature, in order to proceed with the purchase.
  10. Can I cancel or change my ticket reservation?

    • You can cancel your ticket reservation, according to ferry line’s cancellation policy and Letsferry’s cancellation policy.
    • You can change ticket reservation to an open date one.

  11. How can I cancel my ticket reservation?

    If you haven’t yet collected your tickets, please address by e-mail to customerservice@letsferry.gr or by fax to (+30) 28210 75444 and ask for cancellation giving all necessary information (reservation details and contact information i.e. phone number, e-mail and fax)

    For tickets that have been received, passengers should bring their tickets to one of the company's ticket offices, as listed on the contact page of letsferry.gr.
  12. Is there a charge for cancelling my ticket reservation?

    Charge depends upon the cancellation policy of the respective ferry line. Letsferry charges with 5 euro/ ticket for cancelling or changing ticket reservation to open.
  13. How do I receive quotes for group reservation?

    Every group is different, thus they require custom services. Please send us an e-mail with your request at customerservice@letsferry.gr and allow us to answer with the best possible offer that would suit your exact needs.